Powerking Stump Grinder

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Dimensions: 42W x 51D x 72H in.

Item Description:

Safely and effectively eliminate stumps from your yard with the Powerking Stump Grinder. Powerful and aggressive, this machine is driven by a reliable 14hp Kohler engine with dual V belts to nine tungsten-tough blades. Easily pulverize stumps 20 inches above and 9 inches below ground. A slap-stop button and shut-off pull latch give you twice the safety and the adjustable bow handle provides a steady and secure grip for control. Quality-crafted with a dual-bolt design, this stump grinder boasts a locking throttle and disk drum brake for pivot cutting. Includes a three-year warranty. Non-Returnable: Due to federal restrictions this item cannot be returned. Dimensions: 42W x 51D x 72H in.. Weight: 396 lbs.. Blade dimensions: 12 in. diameter by 3.5 in. thick. Cuts stumps 20 in. tall & 9 in. below ground. Powerful 14hp Kohler motor. Dual safety shutoffs for added assurance. Large pipe bow handle for added comfort and control. Added strength from dual bolt cutting tools. Non-Returnable: Due to federal restrictions this item cannot be returned..

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